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We have certified and validated numerous management systems for hundreds of businesses worldwide. Our brand promise is to ensure that the certification process for our clients help them remain ‘fit for the future’. We are committed to handle all customers equally and to consider the demands of interested parties.

Our strength in the Certification process is always to be pragmatic yet remain innovative: we are rarely restrained by formulaic procedures. An independent audit by exclusively impartial persons prevents conflicts of interest. No consulting services are provided in the certification activities. Our clients’ performance and legal compliance is more important to us than merely delivering a certificate.

All the news and views from Intechnica that keeps you fit for the future


Assess your sustainability performance in each of 4 key categories

Assessing your current status will give you a clear picture of where you stand in the areas of –Sustainability Control, Management, Environment and Social Issues.

We can help ensure you project corporate integrity in the eyes of your stakeholders, securing economic success and mitigating potential risks.

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Your first step to implementing a sustainable management system


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Download PDF

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