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Corporate Social Responsibility – Intechnica – Cert

Corporate Social Responsibility

All the news and views from Intechnica that keeps you fit for the future

Our responsibilities

We are committed to creating a sustainable future as a legacy for the next generation.
CSR is something we take very seriously in the way we work and the way we live – after all we believe we should practice what we preach.

Here are some of the small steps we take in becoming good Corporate Citizens.

How are we reducing our carbon footprint?

  • low energy lightbulbs
  • using less paper and 100% recycling
  • using trains to travel to our clients whenever we can
  • carbon offsetting our air-travel

How are we educating a generation?

  • How are we educating a generation?
  • Planting trees on behalf of new clients in a sustainable forest and on site at clients’
  • White Papers and thought leadership events & workshops

How are we making a difference?

  • Workplace fitness and ergonomics training Wiegel Arbeitskultur
  • Free daily fruit
  • Starting our ‘fit for the future’ charity – Helping good causes

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