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All the news and views from Intechnica that keeps you fit for the future

We help our clients remain "fit for the future"

Founded in 1990 as one of the first environmental consultants in Germany; we have grown into an established global consultancy that puts legal compliance at the heart of our business practices. We help our clients’ businesses to improve their reputation by maintaining corporate and social ethics, and keeping up-to-date with the latest International standards and management systems required around the world.

We facilitate responsible practices by continually improving our clients’ environmental performance and minimising the potential corporate risks that could impact their growth. This ultimately creates a more sustainable business for them, that actively demonstrates good corporate ethics by fulfilling all of its social, environmental and legal requirements.

Developing a management system by its very nature needs long-term interaction between our team and our clients; it is a strategic process that needs to be on-going to ensure positive, long-term development. Most important is to keep close attention to a continuous improvement programme that develops with their business vision.

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